Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silver and Gold Chart Technical Analysis by Mike Maloney

Picture from Facebook Profile of Mike Maloney

One way to to protect yourself against a currency crisis is to buy real assets such as Gold and Silver. If you want to time your purchase you can do so with technical analysis.

Mike Maloney, of,  has done just that for his subscribers in April 2012 and he released the video to the general public today. He sees an inverted head and shoulder pattern both for Gold and Silver which is a buying opportunity. The Gold chart has also gone under its 200-day moving average, which has been a great buying signal for 7 times during the 12-year bull market.

He also advices people not to wait to getting invested in Silver and Gold, as you need to be prepared while the price is still low and the real crisis occur. Of course, he's biased since his company sells precious metals,  but I believe he's a trustworthy person.
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