Friday, April 20, 2012

Trade in Precious Metals with Heimerle+Meule 1 Gram Gold & Silver Bars

When there is a serious currency crisis (e.g. hyperinflation), people lose faith in the local currency, and often trade in foreign currencies and in some cases gold powder.

In the years ahead, there is a non-zero risk, that people will lose confidence in fiat currencies worldwide and find other ways to trade such as using Gold and Silver. It's quite likely governments raise tax significantly, and trading in precious metals could be a way to reduce taxes to be paid. However, the problem with 1-ounce Gold coins is that they hold too much for daily expenses and Silver coins are usually more appropriate.

But now a German company (Heimerle+Meule) starts to provide 1g gold bars (about 50 USD at current Gold price) and 1g silver bars (about 1 USD at current Silver price) that would allow to trade goods in Gold and Silver more easily. Those are sold in 50 and 100 pieces set (CombiBars) and each bar is detachable. This could be use to buy things or as gifts.

For details check the Combibar Flyer, and Heimerle+Meule website.

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