Monday, December 26, 2011

Kyle Bass: Currency Crisis Coming in 3 to 5 Years

Kyle Bass 1 hour interview with AmeriCatalyst 2011 oin November 2011 on his view on the world today. That's very informative, even though it's rather depressing.

Interesting points including:
  • Greece is bankrupt, a full mark down is required
  • Western Economies will fail: Europe first, then Japan, then the USA.
  • Japan has serious debt problems, most people will lose a third of their savings.
  • Investors still don't want to accept reality
  • PE are low, because E is too high and it will come down.
  • We either take pain now, or we take apocalyptic pain later.
  • Central banks will probably just print money and destroy the currencies.
  • The US (government) has the same people who brought up in this mess, to fix the mess. It makes the US a laughing stock.
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