Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The US Dollar, Gold and Politics

In his latest "Gold report", Peter Schiff talks about the politics of Gold investments where he analyses the price of Gold and the US dollar based on which US presidential candidate is elected President in 2012. Each candidate has different views on monetary policies and debt reductions. Here are the results:
  • Herman Cain: Bullish for Gold, Bearish for the dollar
  • Mitt Romney: Very Bullish for Gold, very bearish for the dollar
  • Ron Paul: Bullish for Gold, Bullish for the dollar
  • Rick Perry: Bullish for Gold, Bearish for the dollar
  • Newt Gingrich: Bullish for Gold, Very bearish for the dollar
  • Obama: The Gold Rush is On !
He however mention that with Ron Paul the direction of the price of Gold is more difficult to access as after 2 years in his presidency he would probably put in place a very hawkish president of the federal reserve.

To conclude, if Ron Paul is not elected president of the US, you can rest assured that your Gold investments will most probably do well for years to come.

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